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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide your own supplies? Or will we need to supply office cleaning products for you?

Yes, we do. You will not need to provide office cleaning products for our team members.

How do you charge? Is it by the hour or contract rates based on the number/frequency of visits?

Our fees are based on the size of the building. The smaller the building, the higher the cost. The bigger the building, the lower the cost. In other words, a small office building of, say 2,500 square feet will be 2,500 x $0.20 per square foot = $500 per month. A large building 40,000 square feet will be 40,000 x $0.05 per square foot = $2,000 per month. This is assuming we are cleaning your building 5 days per week at night working from 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm. (See our pricing strategy under the PRICING navigation tab).

Can you give us names and numbers of clients who we can call as references?

Yes, we will provide up to three customer references.

What are the professional backgrounds of the owners?

Our owners are professionals with a wide range of academic and industry experience. Academic training ranges from Bachelor of Science in Business Administration to Master of Business Administration with emphasis in Finance and Healthcare Administration. Industry experience ranges from eight years in commercial and residential cleaning, healthcare management, to financial services management. The owners adhere to continuing education requirements and advancement training for broader industry performance.

Are you independent owners or are you part of a national franchise?

Yes, we are independent owners and are not affiliated to any national franchise.

How do you handle complaints? Or will our questions be referred to someone in corporate?

Complaints come directly to the local owners who are directly involved in operations. The owners train team members to adhere to our general operating procedures including incidents of damages and breakages. Once a complaint is received, owners will rectify the situation to the business owner’s satisfaction. Team members are trained to record and report every incident occurrence within a client’s premises. Failure to do so is an infraction of our general operating procedures.

Can you show you proof of general liability insurance to cover us in the event of property damage?

Yes, our company fully insured with general liability insurance of an aggregate of $2,000,000 protecting our client and team members

Can you show us proof of workers' comp insurance to protect us against claims from your employees that are injured while on our property?

Yes, our company is fully compliant with State required Workman’s Compensation insurance.

Do you give your staff specific training for janitorial office cleaning?

Yes, all our team members are well-trained for all commercial cleaning, including janitorial office cleaning.

Do you take continuing education to improve your office cleaning and janitorial service?

Yes, we insist on continuing education for the owners and team members to improve our office cleaning and janitorial services.

What is the personnel turnover rate? Can you consistently provide the quality of janitorial maintenance we require?

Because of the incentives we have set in place for our team members, we expect our turn-over rate to never exceed 3%. We pay our team members above average and also provide healthcare benefits to encourage them to stay with us. We also guarantee them at least 35 hours per week and pay them for 40 hours to dissuade them from seeking alternative employment.

Is your company a part-time or full-time business? If the office cleaners only work part-time, will they be available when we need them?

We are a full-time business enterprise and we guarantee our team members full-time pay. Our team members are employees and not contract workers. Therefore, they’re available whenever we need them.

What janitorial cleaning equipment, chemicals and maintenance methods are used? If we have any concerns about fumes, toxicity, or just general environmental friendliness of your products, how would you address that?

The cleaning equipment we use include: Extendable feather or “magnetic” duster, Vacuum, Squeegee, String mop with wringer, Hand scrubbers, 24” dust mop with removable string head, Broom, Dust pan, Small and large duster handles, Rolling bucket, Bucket with handle, Stepstool, Rolling cart for tools & supplies, and Optional: Floor buffer & Carpet shampooer. Consumables include: Garbage bags – heavy duty, Hand soap (antibacterial refills), Latex (or latex substitute) gloves, Small and large disposable dusters, and Paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, feminine hygiene products).

Cleaning products include the following: Disposable wipes labeled “disinfecting” or “antibacterial”; A mildly abrasive cleanser with bleach; Hospital grade disinfectant that kills Staphylococcus, Salmonella, Pseudomonas, Influenza, Herpes 1 & 2, and HIV viruses; Neutral germicidal no-rinse floor cleaner that is safe for all surfaces and does not leave streaks, pleasantly scented; Chrome and glass cleaner; Degreaser; Multi-purpose cleaner suitable for removing heavy soil, grease, and body oils from hard nonporous surfaces; Bathroom sanitizer; Furniture polish for no-wax cleaning of wood surfaces, laminates, and trim; Stainless steel cleaner safe for use on kitchen equipment, drinking fountains, elevators, and stainless steel door hardware; Carpet spot and stain remover; Toilet bowl cleaner that eliminates odors and removes hard water deposits, rust, and stains.

A-Z Cleaning Solutions is choosing environmentally safe products which is also the hallmark of being a responsible company.
Green Cleaning is defined as “cleaning to protect health without harming the environment”. It is a comprehensive approach to maintaining a facility that includes chemicals, paper, supplies, entry mats, and procedures that minimize the impact of cleaning on human health and the environment.
Green products are ones that are safer for all persons coming into direct or indirect contact with these products. Consider that office workers spend several hours every day in the office. The EPA estimates that office workers are exposed to indoor air quality that is 5 to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air.
Going green could save your company a substantial sum of money on a yearly basis. Creating a healthier working environment will result in lower absenteeism rates. Additionally, going green lessens the health risk exposure associated with people who work in the cleaning profession.

Can you offer the use of green commercial cleaning products (eco-friendly) and is there an additional charge?

See our response above. No, there are no additional charges for using eco-friendly products.

Do you do walk-throughs to determine a cost estimate?

Yes, we do. This is normal standard operating procedure when we do onboarding for a client.

How do you choose your employees? What background checks for safety and reliability do you perform on new hires?

There are certain traits that we look for when hiring new team members, including: previous cleaning experience; independent, self-motivated and hard-working; friendly; commitment to the job and loyalty to the client; and genuinely care about helping clients. All new hires have to agree to a background check for safety and reliability. We use Checkr Background Service for all our background checks.

Can you vouch that all employees sent to our property are legal to work in the U.S.?

Yes. As a State registered, insured, and with Workman’s Compensation insurance, and federally compliant company, we abide by the laws of the State of Indiana and the Federal Government on employment requirements. This compliance is part of our hiring process.

Will you keep MSDS (material safety data sheets) information at our site for the products you'll be using to do our office cleaning? (The laws of some states hold us responsible for having that information on-site.)

Yes. We will comply with this regulation to the fullest extent

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“Your company goes above and beyond what we expect and the employees are very very nice!”
“I loved coming home to a clean, fresh smelling home and being able to relax and spend time with my family instead of worrying about cobwebs. Thank you so much!”
“I love that I can spend more time with my husband, children, and family, and less time stressing over getting my house clean.”
“The cleaning team made my life so much easier! We were having a graduation party the next day and they are amazing. They were so kind and completely thorough. Even my toaster oven was cleaned out! My ...”